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Tips on Traveling with Hearing Loss

Once you have planned your trip after reviewing cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, forthose who are hard of hearing, travel can be challenging when they forget topack backup batteries or lose a crucial part of a cochlear implant.

The following is travel advise for people who wear hearingaids, or have a cochlear implant, according to Katherine Bouton:

Packall of your hearing equipment in a carry-on bag so there is no chance of any ofyour equipment not reaching your destination.

Bringa backup hearing aid (such as an older hearing aid) if you have one. Pack batteries, wax guards, and the brush andwire used to clean the hearing aid.

If youhave a cochlear implant, bring a spare and replacement parts for each of themany components: the ear hook, the T-mic, the cable and the headpiece. Remember that if you lose any one of thesewhile traveling, it cannot be easily replaced at a nearby drugstore. Instead you will have to contact themanufacturer, who will then have to send a replacement which could take days toarrive.

Pack the charger which is used to rechargeyour cochlear implant batteries and back-up batteries, at least three. Also bring a dehumidifier storage case forthe implant and a travel carrying case.

Protectagainst wetness while traveling. Dri-Aidkeeps hearing aids dry at night which is particularly important in humidclimates such as Florida’s. Remember to bringa small carrying case so that you can safely put your hearing aid away when yougo swimming. Since sweat is not good forhearing aids, your carrying case may come in handy when playing tennis or golf.

Keepin mind that sand and saltwater is deadly to hearing aids. Either keep them covered by a hat or towel onthe beach or left at home.

Bringyour own assistive listening devices (ALDs). An FM system includes a transmitter and receiver, as well as a chargerfor each. Without all four components,your ALD is useless.

Pack aBluetooth to pair with your cellphone. You will want to make your cellphone as hearing friendly as possiblewhile you travel. Dont forget to switchon your telecoil before using your phone. A ComPilot allows users to hear recorded books or music on theirsmartphones.

Bringa power strip to use to power your chargers as well as for charging you phone,tablet, and laptop. If going abroad,make certain to bring an adapter designed specifically for the country you willbe visiting.

Theeasiest way not to accidently leave your hearing aid and cochlear implantbehind is to make certain your wear them when traveling. Neither device sets off alarms at airportsecurity, and both will enable you to better hear questions from airportsecurity agents and announcements at your departure gate.

Make and use a checklist of everything you need including devices, chargers ,batteries, chargers, cleaning equipment, and instruction manuals.

Tips on Traveling with Hearing Loss
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