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Great Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are invaluable for organizing and maximizingspace in luggage. The following are someof the best packing cubes available some of which come with tear resistance,waterproofing, and space saving functions to meet the needs of every type oftraveler, according to Caroline Teel:

EagleCreek Travel Gear Pack-It Specter Compression Cube Set is a space savingorganizer that comes with a dual zipper system that helps condense stuff totake up less space. All that needs to bedone is roll up clothes and put them in these cubes.

TranversWaterproof PVC Travel Packing Cubes are ideal for camping, boating, and/orbeaches. They protect clothes from sandand water. The clear PVC keepsbelongings safe inside and works the opposite way when you want to fill themwith wet towels or swimsuits and keep everything else in your bag dry.

ShackePaks are the top-rated packing cubes on Amazon. Reviewers give them high marks for their durability and roomy size. Their unique X design helps these bagsmaintain their shape.

UnchartedUltra-Lite Packing Cubes enables travelers to fit much more in their suitcasesand are made from an extremely lightweight (each bag weighs only four ounces)nylon.

AIFUSIMultifunctional Organizer Cubes are made from tear proof nylon so that theywill not split when overstuffed.

TravisTravel Gear Space Saver Bags are ideal for winter travel when packing heavier,bulky clothing, or for anyone who wants to fit a lot into a small bag. These bags are a travel friendly version ofvacuum space savers and get all the excess air out and tamp down clothes. They do not need a vacuum to work becausethey come with a one-way air valve

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Great Packing Cubes
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