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Protect Your Valuables While On the Road

For some would be travelers it is much easier to plan anaffordable vacation after a thorough review of cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, cheapdeals, discount hotels, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, thanit is to anticipate how to best protect your valuables while traveling.

The reality is that purses get snatched, pockets getpicked, and a hotel safe is not always available. Fortunately, there are many clothing andaccessory options that offer discreet storage of your passport, money, andother high value belongings. There arejackets, hats, socks, and other items designed to protect valuables andavoiding having to carry a dreaded, sweaty money belt.

The following are suggestions on how to protect yourvaluables while traveling, according to Christine Sarkis:

Scottevesthas sold products that hold up to 42 pockets in a single garment. Its womans trench coat comes with 18 pocketsand serves as a veritable fabric vault for valuables. Its clothing is designed to evenly balancethe weight of full pockets and can easily and comfortably replace a day bag orpurse. There are specially designed hiddenholes for memory cards, digital cameras, passports, phones, Bluetooths,glasses, and more.

There are both hidden pockets and easy toaccess pockets. This coat is ideal forcool weather destinations and when you dont want to carry a bag but still haveplenty to tote. A secondary plus is foranyone flying on Spirit Airlines which charges for carry-ons.

TillyEndurables Hats are designed for comfort and longevity. A Velcro pocket in the crown serves as asecret storage solution. This hat can becomfortably worn while holding a passport, a credit card, and a small amount ofcash. This hat is ideal for the beach,hiking, and when you want to minimize gear and enjoy maximum sunprotection. It comes with a UPF ratingof 50 plus.

Sholditis part scarf and part purse which allows the wearer to accessorize anddisguise simultaneously. This loopedscarf comes with a zippered pocket that can be discretely tucked away to makeit look like a regular scarf. It can beused as an infinity scarf or a shoulder wrap and can be tucked into itself andused as an evening clutch. The Sholditcomes in various colors, lengths, and textures.

CleverTravel Companion tank tops incorporate storage into clothes you normally wouldbe wearing. Its tank top can be layeredunderneath regular clothing. The tanktop is comfortable and flattering and comes with a zippered pocket that issubstantial but not bulky. It can easilyhold a passport, credit cards, a thin stack of money, and a key without much ofa bulge.

Zip ItGear Passport Security Socks come with a zippered compartment built to hold apassport. The zipper is made of nylon asto not set off metal detectors and the socks are designed to reduce swellingand eliminate blisters and odors.

BisonDesigns T Lock Money Belt is an actual belt with an interior pocket. This travel friendly belt can be left on whengoing through airport security since it is made of nylon webbing with a plasticbuckle. Along the inside of the beltthere is a thin zippered compartment that runs most of the length of the belt. There is no room for passports or creditcards though its stores money folded lengthwise into quarters without aproblem.

ClothingArts Pickpocket-Proof Pants feature secure pockets designed to defeatpickpockets. Features include layers ofzips, buttons, and hidden pockets to protect on body storage. Interior pockets are slightly more secure butstill easily accessible. Two hard tofind zippered subpockets tucked into buttoned pockets offer extra security foritems such as passports and larger bills. These pants are ideal for the rigors of travel since they are wrinkleresistant and quick drying.

Protect Your Valuables While On the Road
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