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Tips on Taking Red-Eye Flights

Given the importance of finding cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages,passengers often choose to take red-eye flights to save money.

While red-eye flights are usually cheaper, they also tendto leave travelers exhausted at their destinations. Experienced fliers have learned that thesecret to getting some overnight sleep on a plane is to follow your nighttimeroutine as if you were home.

Instead of worrying about whether you will sleep on ared-eye or just end up binge watching movies, you should develop a plan tosettle into your flight. Plan on gettingto the bathroom during the first hour of the flight while everyone is stillawake, instead of sitting for an entire flight afraid of waking up an aisleseat mate.

The following are tips on how to feel more like you are athome and get in some serious sleep when taking a red-eye flight, according toShannon McMahon:

Eatdinner. If airline meals do not appealto you, enjoy a healthy meal at home before departing for the airport or packsome food in your carry-on. The TSA doesallow food through security so long as it meets the usual liquid and gelrestrictions. A bonus of eating your ownfood or a healthy to go option is that plane meals are usually loaded with saltthat can make you feel bloated and/or dehydrated.

Brushyour teeth before trying to go to sleep. Brushing is basic hygiene and can help you feel instinctively like it isalmost time for bed. Bring a disposable,pre-pasted toothbrush in your carry-on so you dont have to deal with dirtyingone in the lavatory. Make certain toonly use the water from your reusable water bottle and never the plane tapwater to brush and rinse.

Washup. Makeup-removing or simple cleansingface wipes make a big difference when you are on a germy plane surrounded bypeople. Washing up is also probably atypical bedtime routine that will help you feel readier to fall asleep. Given that planes are not hygienic, usedisposable face wipes. To feel extrafresh, follow up with a travel sized toning spritz such as Beekman 1802 FacialMist. Pack travel sized versions ofwhatever you use nightly and replicate the motions and smells of your bedtimeroutine.

Unwindby doing whatever you typically do before bed such as reading, watching a show,drinking some sleep-time tea, or even ordering a small glass of wine if thatwill help you relax. Given that studieshave found that blue light makes it harder to fall asleep, opt for reading onsomething low-light like a Kindle before going to sleep.

Getcozy with the help of a couple of simple travel accessories. Try a supportive neck pillow, a softcardigan, fuzzy socks to replace your tight shoes, and a big scarf that candouble as a blanket. An eye mask andearplugs can help you temporarily forget that you are really in a cramped planecabin so that you can rest without worrying about what everyone around you isdoing.

Tips on Taking Red-Eye Flights
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