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Enhance Your Travel Wardrobe Inexpensively

Just at there are many cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages,there are ways you can pack less and get more out of what is in your suitcase.

Wardrobe fatigue is a common complaint of travelers. A few simple tweaks, such as wearing neutralsor purchasing clothing that performs double duty, can avoid this problem.

The following are simple tips on how to boost your travelwardrobe:

Packbasic T-shirts. A quality, tailoredT-shirt is indispensable. Baggy tees donot fit the bill. A T-shirt that fitswell to your body can be worn tucked into a pencil skirt for a dressy orbusiness friendly look, with jeans for a casual day, or with shorts for a long,lazy day at the beach. For men atailored tee looks great under a blazer. Rollable and relatively wrinkle-free, basic tees extend your wardrobe bydays, regardless of the destination.

Reversibleclothes add color to your travel wardrobe and provide multiple options, all inone garment. Look for clothes that havebright patterns on one side and basic neutrals on the other for maximumuse. Tank tops with neckline options,add versatility to an otherwise basic garment.

Pack apalette of neutrals. Whites, blacks,creams, and grays and usually good base colors for summer or winter vacationwardrobes. They can be mixed and matchedwithin that palette all week long. Inaddition to solids, look for bold stripes in black or gray or subtle patternsthat can be re-worn unnoticed.

Investin versatile footwear that can perform double or even triple duty. Pack ballet flats that are comfortable enoughfor walking around museums but also look elegant enough for a cocktailparty. Pull on riding boots can be wornwith jeans or dresses and are ideal when going through airport security linesbecause they easily slip on and off. High quality shoes with solid soles are preferred by experiencetravelers.

If youare going to be wearing basics while traveling, liven up your outfits with somesmart accessories. Pack chunky, colorfulnecklaces in single strangle that wont tangle and bright but lightweightscarves to give your outfits a bit of pop without weighing down yourcarry-on. An added bonus of scarves isthat they can keep your warm on cold flights. Avoid jewelry that you will wear only once.

Lookfor garments that perform double duty such as clothes that provide sun and bugprotection to those that provide ample hidden storage. Convertible bags can lighten your carry-onload and convert from a flight friendly backpack to a tote bag for everydayuse.

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Enhance Your Travel Wardrobe Inexpensively
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