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Tips on Making Effective Travel Complaints

Once you have done your homework and researched available cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould make certain that you get what you paid for while traveling.

Problems often happen on trips and hotel bookings sometimesget mixed up, flights are delayed and tour companies sometimes dont deliver aspromised. While this is all part oftravel learning experiences, that does not mean that you should be a silentsufferer.

The following are suggestions on how to complaineffectively and ensure that your wants and needs are satisfied, according toShannon McMahon:

Beforeyou contact a companys customer service department make certain that you willbe communicating with the best possible point of contact. Sometimes you need to deal with someonehigher up in the company who has the authority to be in a position to helpyou. If the person you are speaking toappears not to have the power to help, politely ask to speak to a manager.

Having the correct paperwork on hand,including your confirmation and account numbers is important. Travel companies usually want to help butneed specifics in order to do so.

Take adeep breath before communicating with a company. Hot headed complaints rarely endpositively. Never raise your voice or berude. Remember the person you arespeaking to is someone you hope will decide to help with your situation.

Keepyour communications simple. Long windedrants and embellished complaints wont positively resolve problems. Start by explaining what went wrong and whatyou need from them. Quantify yourcomplaint with time or money values so that it is clear how severe the problem isand be specific as to your expectations. Be ready to identify what you want, be it a refund, credit, upgrade, orchange. Sometimes all you have to do isask.

Listenclosely to the company representative. You might learn details of how to fix your problem which could come inhandy if this problem reoccurs. If youconduct a cordial conversation, you might end up with an upgrade in addition toa solution to your problem to make up for the hassle.

Clarifyand ask questions. By verifying that theperson assisting you is making changes, you may not need to follow up after youare finished speaking. If further actionis required, get a detailed explanation so that you do not end up having tohave the same conversation with another representative later.

Makecertain that you get what you need. Savvy travelers ask for a confirmation in writing as to what exactly hasbeen fixed. Changed reservations,returns, and upgrades usually come with a receipt or confirmation email.

Oncesatisfied with whatever solution is offered, get the name and/or employeenumber, and contact information of who helped you so that you have a point ofreference if later what was promised does not happen.

If themistake is yours, then admit it.

Make a point of knowing how to proceed if your problem cannot be resolved via a single email or telephone conversation. Always make certain to thank the employee once your problem has been

Tips on Making Effective Travel Complaints
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