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Fly like a Savvy Traveler

Flying like a pro involves more than just checking out cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages.

The following are tips on how to get the best seats on aflight, save time and money, and avoid hassles, collected from travel writers,industry insiders, and ultra-frequent fliers by Deb Hopewell:

Iffinding space for your carry-on is not a factor and your flight is not soldout, it sometimes pays to be the last person to board. That way you can look around to see if thereare any empty rows or two empty seats adjacent to each other. If you are traveling with carry-on luggage,10 minutes before boarding approach a gate attendant and politely ask if thereare any available seats with empty ones next to them.

If youare traveling with someone else, reserve one window seat and one aisle seat inthe same row. Since middle seats areusually unpopular, you have a shot at that seat being empty, thus providing youextra space. If someone ends up in thatmiddle seat, that person is highly likely to be happy to switch to the aisle orwindow, thus allowing you to sit with your traveling partner.

Toavoid having to jockey for space for your carry-on in the bins along witheveryone else, ask the gate attendant to check your carry-on, especially if theflight is full or nearly full. Mostairlines (with Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit notable exceptions) allow freecheck in of carry-ons at their gates.

To notbe taken advantage of by airline pricing technology, search for airfares usinga few different browsers, if not devices (such as your laptop, table, andphone) and then purchase the one showing the best price. As you search, you should delete your cookies. Pros have found that this approach helps findthe cheapest tickets. Typically, on anygiven day, the same seat is offered at many different prices, with pricesliterally changing from minute to minute.

If youwill have time between connecting flights, carry a lightweight power strip thatcan be packed up small so that you can charge multiple devices at the same timeat the airport as well as at your destination.

Onlong distance flights look into ordering one of the airlines custommeals. These usually include vegetarian,low sodium, and kosher options and sometimes other tasty offerings. These meals tend to be served and clearedfirst, providing select passengers extra time to sleep.

Inflight theft is more common that many people believe. Valuables, including passports, havedisappeared from overhead bins. Keepyour passport, wallet, and any critical valuables on you at all times. If you have any valuables in a bag, take thatbag with you when you get up to stretch or use the bathroom.

Bringan empty reusable water bottle on the plane that can be filled at a waterfountain after you pass through airport security. Remember to never fill your container fromwater in the planes bathroom since sometimes such water has been known to makepassengers ill.

Carrya few TSA approved quart sized plastic bags in your carry-on. That way you will never accidentally bewithout one. At times passengers havehad to surrender their carry-on liquids because they were not packed in aseparate bag.

To reducethe odds that you will be within ear range of a loud toddler choose a seat atleast a couple of rows back from the bulkhead seats which are popular withparents traveling with children. Packingearplugs just in case is also advised.

Fly like a Savvy Traveler
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