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Tasty Ways to Save at Disney World

You dont want a trip to Disney that was carefully plannedon a budget after a review of cheaptravel options, such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages toend up costing more than expected because food is so expensive at the park.

The following are insider tips for navigating the parksfood scene that wont cost you a fortune, including how to select the rightrestaurants, dine at the right times, and take advantage of special offers thatfew park-goers know about, according to Ashley Dickey:

Makeyour character meal a morning/breakfast experience. Breakfast is the cheapest time of day to eatat Disney World Orlando. Destinationsincluding Winne the Pooh and Friends at Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom) andDonald Ducks Safari Breakfast (Animal Kingdom) offer memory makingexperiences while saving 35 percent per person. The food at both buffets is top notch. By eating plenty at breakfast you can eat light (i.e., save money) atlunch.

Bringyour own snacks and water. Park munchiescan add up quickly. Pack snacks such asgranola bars, fruit gummies, and crackers to keep the family satisfied. Splurge on a few Disney-themed snacks, suchas the unique pineapple flavored soft serve Dole Whip dessert, but avoidpurchasing multiple expensive Disney bites throughout your day. Instead of paying $3 per bottle of water, bringa refillable water bottle.

Make areservation at a full-service restaurant for lunch. Full-service, sit down restaurants are someof the best Disney World dining experiences, but they are not cheap. Instead of eating a Disney dinner, reserveyour meal for lunch. By doing this youwill be able to save about 20 percent compared with the evening and the restaurantsare less crowded. Another plus is thatit is easier to make a lunch reservation, which allows for greater flexibilityfor the rest of your day at the park.

Eat atDowntown Disney where visitors can realize the biggest savings on food. Take one of the Disney World buses and arrivein less than 15 minutes. Earl ofSandwich and Wolfgang Puck Express are two top picks for delicious food ataffordable prices. Also check outDowntown Disney food trucks.

Ordersmart. Adults can order from the kidsmenu at quick service restaurants. Oftenthe meals are virtually the same as regular options which means you will not belimited to chicken fingers and grilled cheese. Another money saving option is ordering a large platter to share. Tangierine Caf (Epcot) and Flame TreeBarbecue (Animal Kingdom) are two cafes with shareable-sized meals. Most counter service meals come with sideitems included in the price. If youdont want to pay extra for the sides, then request an entre only price.

Tasty Ways to Save at Disney World
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