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Make Your Phone a Full-Service Travel Center

Dont make the all too common mistake that you are ready todepart after researching available cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages. Today there are valuable apps that will helpmake your flight more efficient, less stressful, and a little more fun.

The following flight apps are recommended by Allison Michael:

Makecertain you load your airlines app since it will allow you to review yourreservation, check in, and have a mobile boarding pass. This means you will have one less thing toprint out and one less piece of paper to worry about misplacing. Most airline apps also show a seat map andsome help users manage their mileage and reward points.

JetBlues app sends check-in reminders andreal time updates regarding flight delays or changes. It also displays the movies and TV shows thatwill be available on your flight. Uniteds app enables customers to access upgrade and standby lists andshare their reservations, if desired, with their preferred social network.

TripCaseis an ideal app if you want to easily find your flight, hotel and carreservations. It enables users toorganize all of their reservations in a single place and share your itinerary,if desired, with family and friends. Italso alerts them to travel plan changes and delays. All you have to do is forward your onlinereservation emails to TripCase and you are all set.

FlightStatsprovides exact takeoff and landing times as well as the actual in flightlocations of planes and of every other plane en route around the world. This app provides access to flight statusinformation by flight number, airport or route. This apps maps are based on a planes actual route.

GateGuruis an app that provides worldwide airport guides to restaurants, cafes, shops,and free Wi-Fi. Ratings and reviews areprovided to help make better informed decision of where to go. This app shows estimated airport security checklane wait times as well as takeoff and arrival information.

LoungeBuddyprovides insight into airport lounges. Users can view the hours, check out photos, reviews, and bookaccess. Lounges can be filtered bylocation, amenities (such as Wi-Fi, showers, spa services) and guestprivileges. Over 2,000 lounges arefeatured.

SOARis an indispensable app for nervous fliers. SOAR was developed by an airline captain and a licensed therapist, anduses cognitive behavioral techniques to ease flier anxiety. The app comes with a G-force meter whichmeasures the current G-force of the plane and offers a reassuring explanationthat turbulence is not a safety issue. The app also provides a turbulence forecast so fliers can anticipatebumps as well as other general weather information.

Duolingoteaches users a few useful phrases in foreign languages. Even if you will not be traveling out of thecountry, you can quickly pick up some basics and stretch your mind whileflying. Duolingos simple fonts andicons make learning a language easy. Every lesson builds on the last, focusing on speaking, listening andtranslation. The app keeps track of howthe user is advancing and how often he or she is practicing. Up to 16 languages can be learned.

Make Your Phone a Full-Service Travel Center
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