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Select the Best Seats to Avoid Airsickness

After planning an affordable vacation by thoroughlyreviewing your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, and cheap vacation packages, thelast thing you want to have to deal with while flying is getting sick on theplane.

Some people assume that a big comfy seat in first class isthe best way to stay healthy based on the assumption that comfort is the bestantidote to discomfort. In fact this isnot the case.

Ironically a first class seat is as likely to exacerbatemotion sickness as a coach seat at the very rear of the plane. The most stomach smoothing seats, from anairsickness perspective, are those that minimize nausea inducingturbulence. These seats are the onesdirectly over the wing, in the middle of the plane, because they pitch lesswhen a plane flies through rough air.

Remember if you are prone to airsickness to reserve a seatover the wings. Given that the center ofmost plans is populated with coach class seats, this also ties in nicely with acost conscious approach to air travel.

Travelers who do not suffer from claustrophobia shouldreserve a window seat. Focusing on thehorizon has been known to help mitigate airsickness.

Other suggestions as to how to fly more comfortably,according to Tim Winship, include:

Do noteat heavy, greasy meals prior to departure.

Do notdrink liquor before or while in the air.

Avoidreading or other activities that necessitate close-up vision.

Turnon air vents to keep air flowing.

Dramamineand other medications for motion sickness are available over the counter.

Morepowerful motion sickness medications can be obtained with a doctorsprescription.

Ifprone to airsickness, keep a barf bag within easy reach as a last resort.

Select the Best Seats to Avoid Airsickness
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