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Healthy Snacks Available at Most Airports

After finalizing your travel plans after a thorough reviewof cheap traveloptions including cheap airplanetickets, discount hotel rooms, cheapdeals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages youno longer have to assume that your family will be eating junk food if theyarrive at the airport hungry.

The following are healthy snacks that Cristine Sarkis foundat multiple airport kiosks, cafes, and restaurants:

Fruit,including apples, oranges, and bananas are readily available as are cut upversions of pineapple and watermelon. Fruits make good snack options because they are lower in fat, sodium,and calories than most traditional airport foods. Fruit also provides a good source ofimportant, but often under consumed nutrients such as potassium and folate, andcontains fiber which helps reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and type2 diabetes.

Wateris a preferred alternative to sodas, sports drinks and juices. Water helps people maintain a proper balanceof bodily fluids, energizes muscles, keeps skin looking healthy, and helps withdigestion. Water is also preferred toother drinks for what it does not contain; namely, sugar, calories, andpreservatives commonly found in sodas and juices.

Yogurthas become popular at many airports. Atthe San Francisco International airport there is a yogurt parfait bar wheretravelers can add toppings such as fruit and nuts. This snack is perfect for travelers on the gogiven that it is portable, easy to eat, and relatively healthy. Yogurt provides protein, calcium, potassium,magnesium, and vitamins, as well as probiotics which aid digestion. Studies have found that yogurt helps peoplefeel fuller than other foods with similar calorie counts. Before selecting which yogurt to eat, checkout its fat and sugar content which varies significantly between brands, types,and flavors.

Oatmealsappeal has grown dramatically because it can now be found in flavorful,appealing textures and topped with dried fruits and sprinkled with brown sugaror nuts. Oatmeal has become a mainstayon Starbucks menus. This food packs anutritional punch and comes with blood sugar stabilizing properties.

Nutsprovide an attractive alternative to greasy potato chips. They provide a protein boost that helps keephunger in check while traveling and are easy to pack in a carry-on and eatalong the way. Note, for nuts to behealthy they need to be either unsalted, or lightly salted, and consumed inmoderation.

Hummusis increasingly available at airports and in many airlines in flight snackboxes. This foods ingredients usuallyinclude chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic and olive which means this food comeswith calcium, iron, and vitamins.

Saladsare a staple at many airports. As longas you go easy on the dressing and avoid super indulgent toppings such as baconand rich cheese, salads are much healthier than airport junk foods.

Bakedgoods, so long as they are low fat and whole grain can be very healthy. Depending on the types of breakfast sandwich,they sometimes come with fewer calories and more protein than muffin or sconealternatives. Starbucks displays thecalories of its foods and offer many healthy baked foods.

Sandwichescan be healthy when you opt for whole wheat bread and lean meat such as turkeyor chicken. Pass on mayonnaise heavyfillings such as tuna or chicken salad. Make a point to add plenty of fresh vegetables to your sandwich insteadof cheese or bacon.

There are several ways to make a trip to a fast foodcounter healthier:

Mostchains have nutritional information available either on signs or if youask. A quick scan of calorie and fat contentcan help you select the healthiest food.

Lookfor grilled instead of fried options.

Do notsupersize your food, unless it is water.

Passon soda and fries and look for fresh sides such as salad or

Healthy Snacks Available at Most Airports
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