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Tips on Being a Good Traveler

After first planning an affordable trip by checking out cheap traveloptions, such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, youshould pause for a moment and consider what it takes to be a good traveler.

The following are simple rules for being a good traveler,according to Caroline Morse:

Make apoint of being nice to everyone instead of giving into the temptation to takeout your stress on the nearest person. While you might want to scream at a gate agent after being bumped off aplane, remember that you are dealing with an actual person, not just a soullessrepresentative of a corporation. Treateveryone nice, be it a waiter or a bellhop.

Observeanimals without disturbing them especially if you are visiting them in theirnatural habitat. Do not annoy wildlifein an attempt to get a perfect selfie. Dont bang on the glass at zoos or dangle things in animals cages foryour own entertainment.

Bepatient when traveling. At times youwill experience people in front of you walking slowly, airport security linesthat are long and full of slow movers, and lots of other challenges. Take a breath. Remember that you are fortunate enough to getto travel and that you will likely get wherever you are going eventually. Angry sighs, pushing, or yelling never improvea frustrating situation.

Dressappropriately for your destination whether than means dressing more modestlythan you would at home or upping your outfit game from your usual workoutgear. Adjusting your wardrobe to matchyour destination shows respect.

Betolerant of others than you meet. One ofthe best parts of travel is meeting people who are different than you. Do not be quick to judge others when youinteract with people who have different values, viewpoints, or ways of lifethan you. Regard such interaction aslearning experiences rather than a chance to debate.

Make apoint of learning the local etiquette such as whether it is expected oroffensive to leave a tip and how to behave in certain social situations. A little research on etiquette relatedquestions before your departure will make you feel more comfortable as well aseveryone else around you.

Do notmake people an unwitting attraction. Bepolite and ask people for their permission prior to taking any photos of them.

Learn basic phrases if you will be traveling to a country where the local language is different from yours. Learn simple phrases such as hello and thank you in the local tongue. This is a much more polite way of introducing yourself than assuming that they speak your language.

Tips on Being a Good Traveler
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