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Pack Smarter on Your Next Trip

Seems strange, but many people are far more apt to know howto find cheap traveloptions, such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, thanthey are at knowing how to pack properly for trips.

The tendency of many people is to overpack. Planning for every imaginable scenario oftenmeans that you will overstuff your carry-on bag and/or pay to check extraluggage at the airport.

The following tips can help you better utilize your spacein your luggage and ensure that your belongings arrive at your destination ingood shape, according to Tiara Chiaramonte:

Reducethe space needed for makeup and lotions by placing them in leftover contactlens cases. These spill proof very smallcompartments are also ideal for storing mouthwash, earplugs, rings andearrings, and many other things that you normally carry in a bulky bottle.

Filldrinking straws with travel size amounts of skin care products. Fill a straw with whatever you want and use aQ-tip to push it in. Leave a bit ofstraw on both ends to seal off with a heat sealer. Write the name of the product on tape or on atag so that you know what is inside.

Useold eyeglass cases to store cords, chargers, and headphones. Cases can easily be repurposed to also carryjewelry and manicure kits. Headphonesand chargers can be transported in pencil cases and Altoids tins. Cords are unlikely to get tangled with theirmovement restricted, and you wont have to deal with a messy bunch of cords atthe bottom of a purse.

Usepot holders as heat safe cases for your hair tools such as hair straightenersand flat irons. Pot holders are a goodway of keeping a hot or warm hair straightener away from clothes and otheritems in your bag.

Use abinder clip to encase your razor head ensuring that it does not come in contactwith other items.

Packyour soap and wash cloth together.

Protectyour digital camera inside a soap case.

Pressand seal your jewelry into place using a press n seal device so that it doesnot get tangled on a trip which is likely when using a Ziplock/make-upbag. Alternatively consider placing yourjewelry in a large seven-day pill box to prevent tangles.

Anotherapproach to transporting jewelry is to thread necklaces through straws to keepthem free of tangles. Earrings can bestored in foam the size of a small container.

Use anold shower cap to cover the bottoms of your shoes.

Preventyour shampoo and conditioner from spilling by using plastic wrap or maskingtape.

Use anempty Tic tac case to store hair pins.

Use anempty medicine bottle as a cotton swab container.

Rollinstead of folding your clothes to maximize what can be fit in your bag.

Use abelt to keep the collar of your dress shirt stiff.

Foldyour blazer inside out to prevent wrinkles.

Pack Smarter on Your Next Trip
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