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Increase the Comfort of Your Hotel Room

While there are plenty of cheap traveloptions, including cheap fares, cheap airplane tickets, cheapdeals, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages,there are proactive steps you can take to make your stay at a hotel moreenjoyable.

The worlds finest hotels offer accommodations far moreluxurious than the average persons bedroom, often including whirlpool tubs andbutler service. Unfortunately, peopletraveling on a budget often end up in sterile business hotels, dated roadsidemotels, or cheap accommodations that make the comforts of home look much moreappealing.

Consider the following strategies recommended by SarahSchlichter to make your hotel room more comfortable the next time you travel:

Packslippers to make you feel cozier, particularly in cooler climates, and keepyour feet off stained carpets and dirty bathroom floors found sometimes atcheaper hotels. Pack them in yourcarry-on so that you can wear them on the plane as well. Santimon makes unisex travel slippers that collapseinto a small pouch for easy transport.

Cheaphotel rooms are occasionally not the cleanest. Improve your peace of mind by doing a quick bed bug check on yourmattress and box spring. Then run analcoholic wipe that you packed over the spots in the room most likely to becovered in bacteria, such as the TV remote, phone, light switches, anddoorknobs. Lysol and Assured selltravel-size wipes.

Bringyour own toiletries since you never know whether you will like the scent ofyour hotels body lotions or if its conditioning shampoo is best for your typeof hair. By packing products that youregularly use at home you will help yourself maintain a comfortable routine andsurround yourself with familiar scents. Consider bringing a travel size bottle of bubble bath and enjoying yourown spa night.

Minimizenoises outside your hotel room by packing earplugs and/or a source of whitenoise. Options including traveling witha white noise machine from Marpac, running your hotels fan or air conditioner,or using a white noise app on your phone.

Planon keeping yourself entertained by bringing your own entertainment, be it aKindle stocked with bestsellers, an iPad with your favorite music, or a laptopto stream movies. Travel with an HDMIcable if you want to hook your laptop up to a TV to watch a movie on a bigscreen.

Sinceolder hotels tend not to have enough outlets for the modern tech traveler,bring your own portable charger with multiple plugs and USB ports.

Packsome of your favorite snacks such as biscuits if you love waking up to a littlebiscotti with your morning coffee or teabags if you cant fall asleep without amug of Sleepytime tea. Only bring foodthat will not take up much space and will provide a little taste of home.

If youare sensitive to smells, pack a travel size air purifier such as theGermGuardian GG1000, which plugs into the wall and kills germs in addition toreducing odors. Alternatively considerthe Hayata Mini-Mate which can be worn around your neck or placed on a nightstand. Another option is to pack a travel size linenspray which via a quick spritz can mask disagreeable odors.

People with allergies may want to bringtheir own pillowcases which enables travelers to sleep next to a familiar scentand prevent allergic reactions to a hotels detergent.

Bringyour thing an object that you do not feel comfortable without. For some it is a hair dryer, since hoteldryers are sometimes substandard, for others it is a nightlight, and yet othersit is a small framed photo of family members. By packing your thing it will help your hotel room seem more likehome.

If you are used to having your pet sleep on your bed at night, consider traveling with him or her. Many hotels accept pets and nothing makes a room feel more comfortable than cuddling up with your furry best friend.

Increase the Comfort of Your Hotel Room
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