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Speed Through Security Checkpoints

Often trips that started off promising after a thoroughreview of cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, cheapdeals, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, seemless promising when travelers arrive at the airport only to face seeminglyendless airport security lines.

The following are strategies to help make the screeningprocess go by in a flash, according to Caroline Costello:

Jointhe Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) PreCheck program toexperience faster, smoother screening at select domestic airports. Usually PreCheck travelers are allowed toleave their shoes on and their laptops and toiletry liquids in their bags whengoing through security checkpoints.

During the application process travelershave to provide a fair amount of personal information in order to essentiallybecome pre-screened. Members are generallyhappy to trade a modicum of privacy in order to spend less time in airportsecurity lines.

Watchsecurity agents prior to selecting which line to go through. The quickest line is not always the only withthe shortest number of people in it. Instead look for the line that is moving the fastest. Choose the line where the security agent ishustling travelers through with the greatest speed and efficiency.

Byjoining a frequent flier program and attaining elite status travelers and theircompanions often are given access to exclusive, and faster, security lines atairports.

Gettingan upgrade sometimes comes with the added bonus of expedited security. Upgrades can be had by asking in person atthe check in counter, politely and directly for an upgrade. Other options include paying for an upgrade,redeeming frequent flier miles, or even bidding on one, depending on which airlineyou are flying. Sometimes discountedupgrades are offered at electronic check in kiosks. For some it is easily worth an extra $50 toadvance to business class and hustle through security.

Makesure you closely follow the 3-1-1 rule: liquids and gels must be in containers of 3.4 ounces or less, and thesecontainers must be in a single quart size zip top bag. When it comes to gels, remember if you cansqueeze it through a pastry bag, do not bring it through security.

Wrappresents when you get to your destination. Otherwise your wrapped presents could get torn open at checkpoints.

Packwisely and do not pack so much that you have to sit on your bag to get itclosed. If a security officer decides toopen your bag, you will ultimately have to waste time pulling together youroverflowing contents and trying to get that zipper closed afterwards. A well-organized bag causes less confusionwhen going through the X-ray scanner.

Getorganized before going through a security checkpoint. In addition to having your boarding pass andID handy, pack the items you will want to take out quickly, such as your laptopand zip top bag of liquids, in an easy to grab spot at the top of your carry-onbag.

Makecertain to completely empty your pockets including spare change, keys, and anyother metal item that will set off a metal detector and result in extrascreening. If possible, do not wear anyjewelry since it may set off alarms. Wearing an outfit without a belt could make things a little easier. Remember to wear easily removable shoes.

TSA has an app where you can type the name of an item in a Can I Bring? field for instant answers. It also provides security wait times and a guide to TSA rules

Speed Through Security Checkpoints
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