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Enhance Your Vacation with a Series of Small Touches

Just because you first planned your vacation only afterreviewing available cheaptravel options including cheap airplane tickets,discounthotel rooms, discount traveldeals, and cheap vacation packages,does not mean that you should not treat yourself to a few luxury experiences atyour destination.

The following are a series of small/inexpensive touches thatcan be easily packed and will enhance your next trip, according to JamieDitaranto:

Bathbombs are compacts balls of Epson salt that are a great alternative tosplurging at the hotel spa. They arerelaxing, good smelling, and fun colored in a hot tub.

The Carry-onCocktail Kit includes all the ingredients you need (other than the liquor) tomake your own cocktail. They are fine tobring on the plane and all you need do is order liquor from your flightattendant and you are ready to go.

Noise-cancellingheadphones will shut out nearby crying babies, chatty seatmates, and all otherkinds of sounds the average traveler has to put up with on a flight. Look for lightweight and effectiveheadphones.

Treatyourself to some high-class snacks before boarding. Get indulgent at a Duty-Free Shop with someToblerone chocolate, or perhaps pack high quality cookies like Petit Ecolierchocolate dipped shortbread.

A goodtravel pillow can provide real neck support such as the Trtl Pillow which isdesigned to provide maximum support and prevent the uncomfortable headbob. This is much more comfortable thata cheap inflatable pillow.

Pack a high-qualitypillowcase like the Grace Eleyae Charmeuse Satin Pillowcase. This silky/soft pillowcase makes sleeping somuch nicer.

Sleepspray is a lightly fragranced spray meant to help freshen bed sheets before youlay down and provide a calming aromatherapy to help you fall asleep. Given that there are many different sleepspray formulas, you should shop around until you find the scent you reallylike. A few spritzes on your pillow willhelp you fall asleep to the smell of luxury.

Sheetmasks help freshen your face on the go. After a long flight, skin is often left feeling dehydrated and wornout. Travel with a couple of one-usedisposable sheet masks not only as a way to stay fresh, but also as an easy andrelaxing last-minute treat.

Aportable travel coffee press such as the thermos shaped Bodum Travel Press isappreciated by coffee lovers with specific tastes, because it is lightweight,easy to use, and ready to use.

Silk eyemasks tend to be inexpensive and ones like the PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask blockout excessive light and help people sleep. Silk masks with contouring feel much more comfortable and make fallingasleep wherever you are much easier.

Enhance Your Vacation with a Series of Small Touches
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