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Disinfect Your Airplane Seat

The last thing you want to experience while on vacation afterhaving planned it only after first thoroughly researching your cheap traveloptions, including cheap airplane tickets,discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,is getting sick at your destination.

According to many a study, airplanes are packed withgerms. For example, the average traytable is much germier than a home toilet seat. Other top germ ridden spots on a plane include seatbelt buckles,seatback pockets, and the tops of seats.

The following is how to disinfect your airplane seat andincrease your chances of enjoying an illness free vacation, according toChristine Sarkis:

Packdisinfecting wipes. Choices includeClorox Disinfecting Wipes which come in handy packs of nine or 15. These have a pretty intense scent. Alternatively, you can select medical gradedisinfecting wipes from SONO that come with a milder scent or use wipesprimarily meant to disinfect hands vs. surfaces such as Purell IndividualSanitizing Hand Wipes.

As soonas you are seated pull out your wipes and get disinfecting.

Makecertain to use your wipes correctly by wiping down all hard, nonporous surfacesthoroughly. Read and follow the packageinstructions about how long the surface needs to stay visibly wet, whichtypically ranges from about 30 seconds to four minutes. This is when the disinfectant is doing itsjob and cannot be rushed.

Do nottry to use disinfecting wipes on upholstered surfaces since they will not workand will make fabric wet. If you want toavoid exposure to germs on fabric seats, you can pack a disposable airplaneseat cover. There are also smallerdisposable covers that cover just the airplane tray or headrest.

Airplaneseatback pockets need a protector because they are home to one of an airplaneshighest concentrations of germs. Until a disposable liner for seatback pocketsis invented, opt for a seatback pocket replacement accessory such as the Flight001 Seat Pak or Genius Packs High Altitude Flight Bag, both of which hang fromthe seatback tray toggle.

Disinfect Your Airplane Seat
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