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Valuable Vacation Tips

Dont assume that all you need to do to enjoy a successfulvacation is to review cheaptravel options, such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages,prior to finalizing your trip.

The following are habits and routines that savvy travelersfollow to make their trips all the more rewarding, according to Caroline Morse:

  • Downloada good flight tracking app, such as the pro version of TripIt, to receiveinstant alerts concerning flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes. Users also receive alerts notifying them assoon as online check in is available, whether airfare is eligible for a refund,and provide help finding a new flight if your flight is cancelled. Be sure to input your itinerary into a travelapp before departure.
  • Packsmart and keep your suitcase stocked with travel toiletries and a carry-on bagpacking list. Having your essentialsready to go and a list of what you need to pack will reduce pre-vacation stressand prevent overpacking.
  • Checkin as soon as possible online. Set analarm on your phone to remind you exactly when your airlines online check-incommences. If you were unable to selectseats when you made your reservation, this will give you the best chance ofselecting from the remaining desirable seats. Remember that even if you already have a seat, often it is thepassengers who check in last who get bumped from oversold flights.
  • Make apoint of integrating with locals at your destination by having one of yourfirst stops on each trip be a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant popular withlocals and not recommended by any guidebooks. Initiate conversations with locals for their tips on what to do.
  • Do alittle homework before your departure to enhance your vacation. A couple of weeks before departing sign upfor daily deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial for yourdestination. This way you will receivedeeply discounted offers for local restaurants and activities that you canredeem once there.
  • Call anycredit card company whose card you want to use overseas or in states that youusually do not make purchases in prior to departure because otherwise it islikely that your card will be frozen if it is used outside of your normalpurchase area out of concern for fraud.
  • Includedowntime in your schedule so that you do not get overexerted and tired. It is important to have time to wander anddiscover the unexpected delights around you.

Valuable Vacation Tips
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