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Tips for Finding the Best Seats in Economy

After starting off right after planning a trip by carefullyreviewing your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, cheapdeals, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, youshould do a little research so that you can snag the best available seats onyour upcoming flights.

The following are suggestions on how to find the besteconomy class airline seats and ways to make any seat, even ones next to abathroom that do not recline, a little better, according to SeatGuru:

  • Get to know yourairline and its legroom in coach. Eachairline is different. Not all legroom isequal since there is no industry standard. Before making your reservation, check to see which airlines fly theroute you will be taking and check to see how they compare to each other. SeatGuru is an excellent resource to find theinformation you need.
  • There is no such thingas a seat being either good or bad for everyone. Often such designations depend on anindividuals personal preferences. Somepeople hate the last row in a plane because of its closeness to the galleyand/or bathrooms. Others prefer beingclose to a lavatory. Anotherbenefit of the last row is that it usually only seats two across on either sideof the plane, which translates to extra room. While some people do not want back row seats because these seats willnot recline, others do not care, since they are not planning to recline theirseats regardless of their location because of the closeness between rows.
  • Purchase your airlinetickets early because it will be much harder to find a good seat if you waituntil the day before departure. Theearlier you purchase your ticket, the more desirable seats will be available.
  • Do your best to selecta seat in an exit row or bulkhead. Suchseats usually offer additional legroom to stretch out.
  • Buy a good travelpillow that will provide you comfort and the ability to enjoy in-flightnaps. Look into inflatable airplane neckpillows offered by Amazon.
  • Consider buying atravel footrest to help aid the circulation and comfort of your feet.
  • Do not select a windowseat if your prime reason for doing so is to be able to look out thewindow. On a long flight people do notspend much time looking out windows. Beaware that if you are someone who anticipates needing to use the bathroom whilein the air that aisle seats are preferable both because they provide easieraccess and you do not have to disturb anyone each time you get up.
  • Remember your priorflying experiences before selecting your seat. For example, if you are prone to getting sick during turbulence, selecta seat in the middle part of the plane. Seats over the wings tend to be more stable and less jostled than seatsin the front or back.
  • Dont be reluctant toask when you arrive at the gate whether a class upgrade is possible. While it may be a long shot, sometimespassengers fail to arrive on time and you may end up with a better seat. If you never ask, your odds of an upgrade areinfinitesimal.
  • Treat gate agents andflight attendants politely and in a friendly manner. Complaints, demands, and profanity will getyou nowhere with these employees. Instead remember to treat them the same way you would like to be treatedand you might end up being positively surprised.

Tips for Finding the Best Seats in Economy
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