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Tips on Minimizing Jet Lag

After carefully planning your next vacation by thoroughlyreviewing you cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets,discounthotel rooms, discount traveldeals, and cheap vacation packages,it would be a shame to not enjoy the first couple of days of your trip becauseof jet lag.

The following are suggestions how to beat jet lag, adjust totime zones regardless of how distant your destination, learn to relax and restin a new time zone, and the latest on the role that cell phones and tabletscreens can contribute to sleep, according to Robert Firpo-Cappiello:

A goodrule of thumb to follow is that it takes one day to adjust to one hour of atime zone shift. That adjustment cantake place before departure, or you can make it part of your visit at yourdestination.

If youare flying a relatively short distance and your destination is a three-hourtime difference, consider adapting to your destinations time zone three daysbefore you fly. Adjust your dailyactivities (go to bed, wake up, workout, meals, etc.) to align to your new timezone by one hour every single day. Evenif your destination requires a major time zone leap you may want to partially adjustyour internal clock prior to departure, so that you can shorten the jet lag atyour destination.

Forshort trips you may want to stay on your home schedule. If your trip is only two or three days andfor rest and relaxation, you may want to stay on your departure city clockfor your daily activities.

Flyingeast is harder than flying west. It iseasier for a body to adapt to a longer day as compared to short days. Knowing that flying east will be morechallenging than flying west can help you prepare and recover.

Cellphones and tablets often interfere with sleep. They may prevent you from the necessary winding down often needed beforesleep. Select emails, games, and onlinevideo content are known to cause stress, worries, and tension. Notifications in the middle of the night canwake users up just as they are learning to adjust to a new time zone.

Use the Do Not disturb setting on yourdevice to ensure you get undisturbed hours of sleep. Be aware that the light from cell phones andtablets can negatively impact your biological clock. Minimize your screens brightness and use anight mode such as iOS Night Shift to filter out blue light wavelengths typicallyemitted from electronic devices.

Set upyour hotel room to maximize sleep by trying to mimic your own bedroom as muchas possible. A bedroom should be quiet,dark and cool, and your bed should be supportive and comfortable. Make a point of getting exposed to daylightas soon as possible after waking since it tells your biological clock that anew day has begun.

If youplan on sleeping at an airport, use earplugs or noise cancellation headphones,a sleep mask to ensure it is dark, and if possible, a thin blanket or awrap. Since you dont want worry aboutyour belongings to keep you up, store them in baggage lockers while you attemptto

Tips on Minimizing Jet Lag
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