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Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Given the ready supply of cheap travel options, including cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms,discount traveldeals, and cheap vacation packages,tourists are increasingly interested in how to travel green, i.e., in a mannerthat is good to yourself and the planet.

The following are trip tips for an environmentally friendly,and totally enjoyable vacations, according to Robert Firpo-Cappiello:

Pack forthe planet. Instead of taking disposablesnacks, Ziplocs, water bottles, batteries for electronic devices, and wrappingpaper for gifts, opt for reusable options such as sandwich bags, clear Tupperware containers for toiletries and souvenirs,re-chargeable batteries, and BPA-free plastic or metal water bottles. Insteadof using gift paper, wrap presents in light fabric that can be re-used.

Stay atan ecolodge that does no environmental harm and even gives back to the planetby following sustainable practices. Stylish lodges across the earth now offer luxury, adventure, andsustainability all at the same time. Highlightsof some eco stays include imaginative architecture that often relies solely onlocal materials, solar power, innovative water filtration systems,environmental education programs via guided tours and nature walks, employmentof local residents, and restaurants whose kitchens rely on locally sourcedproduce, often grown right on the lodges grounds.

Considera volunteer vacation. One of the bestways to truly appreciate Americas phenomenal parks and trails is to volunteertime to build or repair a trail. Currently there are many opportunities to volunteer to help Puerto Ricorecover from last years devasting hurricanes. The American Hiking Society offers weeklong trips that can includebackpacking or day hikes. Some of thesetrips include trail maintenance and construction, bridge and shelterrenovation, and native species re-establishment in national parks and forests,state parks, wildlife preserves, and other unique environments across thecountry.

Make apoint of becoming familiar with the locals. Reaching out to the people who live year-round at your traveldestination is the easiest and most reliable way to deepen your travelexperience. Ask locals to recommend a public park or a favorite hike. A smile, nod of the head, or a politely askedquestion can turn a tourist into an honorary local, privy to sights, tastes,and feelings unavailable to visitors who simply pass through.

Checkout the United States. You will beresponsible for fewer carbon emissions, as well as save more, if you explorecloser to home. Dont assume you have tofly coast to coast to explore interesting destinations. This upcoming weekend, visit a nearby statepark, historical society, or winery.

Shop atfarmers markets. Check out local marketsand be open to trying fresh fruits and vegetables that you have never tastedbefore. Ask farmers and locals forrecipes. If you have access to akitchen, bring back homegrown produce, fresh flowers, and the satisfaction ofhaving positively impacted the livelihood of a farmer.

Walk,ride a bike, or take a train. Regardlessof where you are staying, opt for walking tours over buses, rent bikes, and getto know the local public transportation

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips
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