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Stop Throwing Away Money While on the Road

If you wisely plan an affordable trip by thoroughlyreviewing your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, thenyou would be wise to avoid paying common travel expenses than can be avoided.

The following are seemingly tiny travel expenses that canadd up quickly, according to Shannon McMahon:

  • Foreigntransaction and ATM fees often surprise travelers once they return home. Avoid foreign transaction fees by signing upfor credit cards that do not charge you to use their cards overseas. ATM fees can be minimized by being careful asto when, where, and how often you take out money. Usually the most desirable option is to visityour bank prior to departure to exchange currency. If you have to withdraw money at yourdestination, do it in as few transactions as possible.
  • Notrechecking airfares after buying airline tickets can mean that you miss out onlower fares that you could have booked within 24 hours of your initialpurchase. Likewise hotel prices oftendrop after initial reservations are made.
  • Overpacking is common and costly because of checked baggage fees. Traveling without checking a bag is usuallydoable if you maximize your carry-on and personal item capabilities. Choosing the right carry-on bag and/orchanging your packing approach can help having to check a bag. Sometimes only by reducing the amount of stuffyou pack can you make everything fit in a carry-on bag.
  • Stayingin expensive hotels can jack up your travel costs. Look into joining a house or pet sitting sitesuch as TrustedHousesitters for under $100. If you would prefer a pet free residence, Airbnb tends to be a cheapalternative to hotels in many expensive cities.
  • Eatingexclusively at restaurants while traveling often is unhealthy as well asexpensive. Housesitting and Airbnbusually provides access to a kitchen and opportunity to cook meals. Save money when eating out by subscribing torestaurant deals near your destination through websites such as Groupon andLivingSocial.
  • Drivingor taking cabs tends to be expensive. Usually the best way to explore a city is by walking or taking publictransit. If you plan to take publictransportation at your destination, find out what the cheapest payment optionprior to departure. Many cities offerdiscounted smart card passes. Uber isusually a more cost effective way to travel than cabs when publictransportation is not an option.
  • Nottaking advantage of rewards programs is a sure way of spending more on travelthan otherwise would be required. Alwayssign up for airline and lodging rewards. Even if you are an infrequent traveler, many programs offer inside dealsor freebies (such as free Wi-Fi) just for signing up. Always inquire whether your existingmemberships (such as AAA, student, active military, senior) might qualify youfor discounts.

Stop Throwing Away Money While on the Road
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