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“Must Haves” to Pack in Every Toiletry Kit

After carefully checking out cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, thelast thing you want to realize after arriving at your hotel is that the onething you really need is sitting in your medicine cabinet at home.

In addition to your usual makeup and medications, thefollowing are small travel items that are must haves for your toiletry kit,according to Shannon McMahon:

  • Foldabletoothbrushes save space in your toiletry bag and shields the bristles fromcoming in contact with anything you do not want to put in your mouth. Folding toothbrushes such as GUMs On-the-GoSoft Toothbrush are inexpensive. Makesure to pack travel sized toothpaste and floss as well.
  • Travelsized deodorant such as the natural, fresh smelling antiperspirant Toms 24Hour Naturally Dry Antiperspirant, smells clean, not flowery or soapy, and is smallenough to go through airport security in your carry-on.
  • FacialWipes come in handy since traveling often makes people sweat and exposed toadditional germs, and the stress, sleep change, or change in diet often makestravelers more prone to breakouts. Alight cleansing towelette such as Yes to Cucumber Hypoallergenic FacialTowelettes keeps skin clean and comfortable. The cucumber, aloe, and green tea in these wipes keeps users fresh facesafter dealing with a crowded flight or a long day exploring a dirty city.
  • Nailclippers are a must in dealing with a broken nail or a hang nail. They also are useful when there are noscissors in your hotel room. Ideallytravel with a foldable version that comes in a small case, such as TweezermanFolding Nail Clippers.
  • Babypower is infinitely useful and the cool white powder can be used as a dryshampoo, to remove sticky sand from your skin after a day at the beach, insmelly or damp shoes, or on skin to stay cool on a humid day.
  • Lipbalm is great in preventing chapped lips and dry skin. A small tube of Vaseline Lip Therapy isversatile and can also be used as an eye make-up remover, on cracked hands, andfor dealing with fly away hair.
  • Wide-ToothComb, either a half-sized version or a foldable comb with wide-set teeth, likeCricket Ultra Cleans mini comb are ideal for dealing with thick or curly typesof hair.
  • Tintedpowder SPF is handy in combating oily skin after a long flight and providingprotection from the sun. Consider anatural, oil free liquid option such as Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen. When going to the beach or hiking sweatprooflotions such as Coppertone Sport does the trick.
  • Medications,particular motion sickness pills and pain reliever often come in handy. Travelers sometimes get nauseous on flightsor in cars. Knowing how your body mightreact to the stress of travel, the climate you are going to, or the activitiesyou will be doing is important.
  • Adhesivebandages often come in handy when you need to wrap a cut or prevent blisters beforewalking all over town.

“Must Haves” to Pack in Every Toiletry Kit
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