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Pack Dress Clothes in Carry-On

After finalizing your travel plans once you have thoroughlyreviewed your cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms and cheap vacation packages, itcan be challenging to figure out how to travel with a suit and other dressclothes.

As most men who wear a suit know, the only thing worse thanan ill-fitting suit is a wrinkled or damaged one. Whether you are traveling for business orheading to a wedding, knowing how to pack dress clothes correctly is important.

Skip packing your suit in a garment bag and use a weekenderor rolling carry-on. If possible, do notcheck a bag with a suit since by carrying your suit you will treat it moregently and you will not have to wait at the baggage carousel upon arrival.

The following is how and where to pack dress clothes if youwant to keep them crisp and safe, while saving time at the airport, accordingto Shannon McMahon:

Brooks Brothers menswear experts recommend folding jacketsand dress pants into each other by turning the jacket inside out, folding itdown, and folding the pants around it.

First, turn the suit jacket inside-out without pulling thesleeves through. Leave the collar andarms flat inside the jacket. Then foldit in half horizontally and lay it on top of your dress pants, which should belaid out flat along their front and back pleats.

Avoid having to iron upon your arrival by placing a sweateror T-shirt inside the horizontal fold of the jack to prevent hard creaselines. Then fold the pants into thirdsby pulling the bottoms and then the waist over the jack to form a bundle.

If you have a plastic dry-cleaning cover, you can use thatto wrap your pants before the final fold. Alternative, you can place it around the final bundle to prevent otherdamage.

Place lighter items such as dress shirts and ties on top ofyour suit. Shirts should be buttoned andfolded similar to how they looked when first purchased from a store, or in halfvertically (with the sleeves tucked inside) and then rolled from the bottomup. Ties and belts should be rolled toprevent creasing.

Use a hotel iron at your destination to steam out any wrinkles and hang your suit up immediately. If there is not an iron or ironing board in your room, you can usually request one from the concierge. If needed, you should hang your garments in the bathroom while taking a hot shower to release some of the wrinkles.

Pack Dress Clothes in Carry-On
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