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Ideal Non-Specific Travel Apps for Travelers

As much as finding cheap traveloptions such as cheapairplane tickets, cheapfares, cheapdeals, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, is agreat start to an affordable vacation, there are a number of apps out therethat can make your next trip all the more fun.

The following are non-travel general apps that will helpmake your next trip easier, according to Sarah Schlichter:

Communicationapps such as WhatsApp and Skype make calling or texting overseas free whileusing Wi-Fi. Both apps enable users viaWi-Fi to send private messages, participate in group chats, and make audio orvideo calls. WhatsApp is widely usedoutside the U.S., with many tour guides using it to communicate with theirguests.

Safetyand Security Apps such as Nord VPN (which comes with a monthly subscriptionfee) and TunnelBear (which offers a free version with a 500 MB data limit) arevirtual private networks (VPNs) which reduce the risk of identity theft byhiding your browsing activity, passwords, and other personal data.

Otherapps that are designed to protect the user, beyond just their data, such as theTrusted Contacts app from Google lets you share your location with family orfriends if you are concerned that you might be in an unsafe situation andenables your contacts to request your location if they are worried aboutyou. This is particularly useful forsolo travelers.

If youhave life threatening allergies or health conditions, you can have themdisplayed on the lock screen of your phone with the Medical ID app or theHealth app.

Backupand storage apps come in handy while traveling since there are many things youmight want to back up while on the road including photos, travel documents, anda copy of your passport in case it is lost or stolen. On iPhones its iCloud provides up to five GBsof storage for free. On Android, GooglePhotos automatically back up your pictures and provides unlimited free storagesso long as you allow the app to compress any photos larger than 16 megapixels.

Non-photosfiles such as Word documents or PDFs can be stored using Google Drive.

Additionalstorage beyond the apps already on your phone can be had using AmazonDrive. Prime members get unlimited photostorage as well as five GBs of video storage.

Note-takingand organization apps such as Evernote offer travel specific templates whereyou can store photos, articles, and links about your destination and a calendarto fill in day by day hotel and sightseeing information. You can type out notes regarding your trip,scan booking confirmation, and share your notebook. This app can also be used as a daily journal.

GoogleKeep enables user to make a packing list or a pre-trip to do list, as well asset up timed reminders, such as an alert to check in for a flight 24 hours inadvance. Notes can be shared, allowingmultiple people to collaborate and make comments and ideas during the tripplanning process.

Weatherapps such as AccuWeather and Weather Channel offer useful information in aneasy to read format.

Moneyapps such as Splitwise make it easy to figure out how to split your tripexpenses fairly with your travel companions. Whoever needs to pay can do so easily with the Venmo app which lets you quicklytransfer money to others who use this app from your in-app balance, a bankaccount, or using a credit or debit card.

Appsfor finding things to do such as Meetup lists gatherings of like-minded peoplein cities across the globe, from hiking groups to dodgeball. Eventbrite help users find festivals,concerts, classes, and other events nearby in thousands of cities. Ticketmaster sells tickets to eventsworldwide, which can then be stored on a phone for use at the gate with noprinting, mailing, or will call necessary.

Photographyapps such as Adobe Lightroom CC offers powerful tools for capturing,organizing, and editing photos. Aviaryis a more user-friendly Adobe app for amateur photographers which providesdozens of filters and adjustment tools, as well as tickets, frames, andoverlays to customize images.

Entertainmentapps such as Kindle for e-books, Audible for listening to audio books orpodcasts, and the New York Times Crossword app help keep your brain sharp onlong flights, and train or car rides.

Streaming service apps such as Netflix andAmazon Prime Video are invaluable even when Wi-Fi is not available because theyoffer download content that can be watched offline.

Other usefulapps for travelers include Google Lens which after you take a photo and hit theLens icon, will search Google for related information.

Apps also come in handy when trying to convert Celsius toFahrenheit, or miles into kilometers, or converting currency.

Ideal Non-Specific Travel Apps for Travelers
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