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Super Light Rolling Carry-on Bags

There is more to planning a truly affordable vacation thanjust reviewing cheaptravel options such as cheap airplane tickets,discounthotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages.

You also need to be traveling with an ultra-light rollingcarry-on bag. The industry designationof such bags includes ones that weigh as much as eight pounds empty which isalmost a third of your average baggage allowance.

An ideal ultra-light bag should weigh no more than fivepounds which can be hard to find. Thefollowing bags (from lightest to heaviest) ranging from 3.43 pounds to 5.5pounds sold by Amazon that cost between $35 to $500, and come with allvariations of features, according to Christine Sarkis:

The21.8-inch IT Luggage Worlds Lightest 2-wheel bag weighs 3.43 pounds. ITLuggage also offers rollers with more features (such as four wheels or alocking telescoping handle) but they weigh a little more. $48

The20-inch Lucas Ultra Light Weight Originals Spinner weighs 3.5 pounds. Travelers love its design, its four spinnerwheels that allow for 360-degree mobility and appreciate the zippered meshseparators that keep belongings from falling out when the suitcase isopened. $70

The22-inch Hartmann 7R Global Carry-on Spinner weighs 3.9 pounds. This hard-sided bag earns its high price tagwith details including shock absorbing wheels, recessed leather carry handles,a carbon fiber telescoping handle, and a water-resistant zipper. $500

The 19.8-inchJetstream Lightweight Carry-On suitcase weighs 4.4 pounds. This is an affordable bag that comes withextras including spinner wheels and a padded handle. $35

The20-inch Samsonite Black Label Firelite Spinner weighs 4.44 pounds. This hard-sidedbag features an appealing balance of form and function. The Firelite looks cool, comes in appealingcolors, and is designed for strength and handling. $465.

The20-inch EC (Eagle Creek) Load Warrior weighs 4.56 pounds. This rolling bag can strap equipment to itsfront and comes with compression straps, lockable zippers, and a bottleopener. $183

The22-inch Aerolite Carry-On MAX Lightweight weighs 4.62 pounds. It comes with roomy interior pockets andstretch material, so you can squeeze in more. It is the most feminine bag, with subtle patterns throughout. $70

The21-inch Delsey Chatillon Carry-on weighs 4.7 pounds. This stylish offers a roomy interior withtie-down straps, spinner wheels, and a durable exterior. $102

The22-inch Travelpro Maxlite weighs 5.4 pounds. This is a very durable/tough but isstill an elegant streamlined bag. $111

The20-inch Lucas Expandable Ultra-Lightweight Spinner comes in at 5.5 pounds. This bag squeezes in features such as zipperedexpansion, four spinner wheels, and plenty of pockets. $71

Super Light Rolling Carry-on Bags
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