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Sleeping Tips on Night Flights

After reviewing your cheap traveloptions, including cheapairplane tickets, cheapdeals, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages, ifyou are flying to a distant destination and want to arrive rested and ready togo, you should do a little research on how to sleep well on overnight flights.

There are ways to improve sleep quality on long haulflights. The following are tips, rangingfrom what to wear to how to trick your mind and body into sleeping upright,that will improve your sleep, according to Christine Sarkis:

Wearsleep appropriate attire. While thisdoes not mean wearing pajamas, it does mean wearing clothing that isnon-binding and breathable. A tightwaistband digging into your side is a sure way of keeping you awake on aplane. Layer your clothes so that youcan adjust your temperature easily by adding or shedding clothing as needed.

Maketime for relaxation before boarding. Most airports offer ways to relax before passengers board. Over 53 US airports have XpressSpa, wherepeople can book a massage or spend time in a massage chair. A few airports offer yoga rooms wherepassengers can do some relaxing stretches. If none of these options are available, find a quiet corner of theboarding gate and stretch a bit and listen to a guided relaxation recording beforeboarding.

Medicateyourself appropriately. There are a widevariety of options. People who preferthe all-natural, non-pharmaceutical route can opt for melatonin or Dream Water. Passengers who want to encourage sleepinesswithout taking an actual sleeping pill can try an antihistamine, or a motionsickness medication such as Dramamine. Always follow drug company guidelines.

People who want a sleeping pill haveoptions such as Unisom and Ambien. Youshould not take a sleeping pill on a plane that you have never previously takensince until you have experience with such a pill you do not know how your bodywill react. Again, follow drug company guidelines.

Clearyour leg room. Instead of trying tostretch out around the bag you have placed under the seat in front of you, takewhat you need out of the bag and place it in an overhead bin. By stretching out a bit more you willminimize your odds of being awoken by painful leg cramps on overnight flights.

Makecertain that your feet are warm enough. Except when planes are too hot, plane cabins tend to be too cold,particularly close to the floor. Peoplewho sleep on overnight flights tend to take off their shoes. If you will be taking your shoes off, youwill want to have clean feet and fresh socks, as well as an extra pair orslippers for added insulation.

Bringan extra blanket since most airplane blankets will not cover a wholeperson. Use an airline blanket to coveryour bottom half, tucking in your feet for maximum warmth. Bring a blanket or scarf to cover your tophalf. Leave your seatbelt visible so aflight attendant will not have to wake you up to confirm that your belt isbuckled during turbulence.

Findways of replicating how you prepare for bed at home while on the plane such astaking a sip of water before closing your eyes, putting on lip balm, andslathering your hands in lotion. Suchbehavior helps your body understand that, while there is no bed in sight, it isstill time for sleep.

Beforetrying to sleep on overnight flights, dim or turn off your seatbackscreen. The blue light cast from screensis often a sleep killer. Turning offthat screen is an easy way to create a sleep atmosphere.

Create your sleep space. Create an insular world for sleep by using a sleep mask to block out light and Sleep Phones headphones tucked into a headband that sit flat on the outside of your ears. Then put on relaxing music or white noise. Pair this combo with your favorite travel pillow, recline your seat a bit, and enjoy sweet dreams.

Sleeping Tips on Night Flights
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