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Senior Citizens Travel Tips

While cheaptravel options are readily available, including cheap airplane tickets, and cheap vacation packages,often the best travel tips can be found from AARP members who finally have thetime on their hands to really travel and often can provide invaluable insight.

The following are travel tips gathered recently from over23,000 AARP members:

Considervisiting someplace local that you have yet to explore. Alternatively, make a point to see the sightsin your own hometown.

Beforedeparting pack your own comfortable pillows.

Efficientways to pack include rolling your clothing to fit more in your suitcase,organizing your clothes in Ziplock bags to make it easier to find them at yourdestination, packing old clothes that can either be discarded or donated duringyour travels.

Thebiggest mistake you can make on a trip is to plan to do too much. Do not try to follow a strict schedule. Spur of the moment activities often result inyour fondest memories.

Whentrying to decide where to eat out ask locals for restaurant recommendations andbe open to trying food from other than national chains. Cruise eating can be fun because you have theopportunity to try different dishes and if you do not like what you ordered,you can always order something else at no additional cost.

Whendriving use cruise control as much as possible unless there are bad weatherconditions. The natural tendency todrive faster uses more fuel, and often does not get you there that much earlier. It also risks a ticket and does not let youenjoy the scenery.

Getoff big highways and try local roads. You never know what you may find. Stop at welcome centers when you enter a new state. They have hotel coupon books, street maps,and very knowledgeable people.

Senior Citizens Travel Tips
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