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Proper Travel Etiquette

Once you have properly prepared for an upcoming trip afterreviewing your cheaptravel options, including cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, youshould be aware that travel etiquette and self-restraint are keys to hassle freetrips.

The reality is that travel can be stressful and rife withinteractions that can easily and quickly escalate into nastyconfrontations.

Travelers attitudes toward a range of dilemmas likely tobe encountered in the course of a trip, ranging from line cutters to ablebodied travelers sitting in seats designated for the disabled was probed by asurvey by Travel Leaders Group.

Among the findings were:

57percent of the respondents said that they would not occupy a seat reserved forthe disabled. 25 percent would if therewas not a disabled traveler in the area.

57percent said that they would take no action if someone cut ahead of them in theflight boarding line. 35 percent saidthey would confront the line-cutter.

60percent said that they would not take any action if someone cut into the buffetline ahead of them on a cruise ship. 25percent would speak up.

45percent would agree to move to another seat, regardless of where it was locatedto accommodate a couple or family wishing to sit together. 35 percent would similarly move, but only ifthe new seat was not a middle seat. 11percent would only move if the new seat was on the aisle. 1 percent would not move for any reason.

60percent would call another flight attendant to handle a situation where apassenger was mistreating a crew member. 21 percent would confront an abusive passenger directly. 14 percent would record the incident on asmartphone.

Overall the results, based on the feedback of a little over2,800 travelers, were encouraging. Mostrespondents claimed that they would exercise restraint, patience, andgenerosity when facing potentially disruptive situations. They were willing to confront misbehavior tokeep would-be abusers from running roughshod over others.

It is reasonable to still wonder whether passengers actual behavior regarding problems in the air would differ from a what if survey like this which only elicits respondents idealized reactions. Given the relatively modest number of air rage incidents and travel related meltdowns, compared to the volume of travel, appears that the vast majority of travelers manage to keep their worst selves in check while in the air.

Proper Travel Etiquette
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