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A Boarding Pass Mistake No One Should Ever Make

A ‘Boarding Pass Mistake’ No One Should Ever Make

It’s easy to get into a solid airport routine if you’re someone who travels frequently, but for those who don’t fly often, even just existing in the airport can be totally overwhelming. From checking baggage to navigating the TSA to finding your gate, there’s a lot to figure out if you haven’t flown in awhile… but even the most experienced travelers will make mistakes sometimes. We’re only human, after all.

But maybe now you won’t make this travel mistake next time you fly,  Don’t throw away your bording pass. This is because the information on the boarding pass includes many personal items that can be accessed if in the wrong hands. this includes a way to access your airline’s private details about you and your airline travel points program.

You might think the limited info on the pass isn’t revealing anything, but as it turns out, it actually does. Not only will the barcode share more information, but there’s a PNR (passenger name reference) number that hackers can use to find your passport information and possibly even your credit card information.

Don’t leave it on the plane either, even after we’ve already taken our flight and don’t need it anymore. Don’t throw it into a public trash can. Take it to a shredder and destroy it. Absolutely don’t post a photo of it online either.

Try as we might to go totally digital and we know, many travelers now use their phone to board the plane with, when it comes to boarding passes, sometimes, we do still end up with a paper pass from a gate agent.

Instead of just throwing it away after you land, shred it to be safe.

Better safe than sorry!

A Boarding Pass Mistake No One Should Ever Make
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